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Wednesday, October 03, 2012 

Big Al crunches birthday numbers

(Facebook stats)

First FB birthday wish

  • Jennifer Z. (b/c she’s in Guam’s timezone)

Latest FB birthday wish

  • Michelle T.

Furthest FB birthday wish

  • Lilach N (Israel - 7425 miles)

Number of FB birthday wishes

  • 90

% of FB birthday wishes

  • 18% (90 of 498 friends)

Forcasted FB birthday wish goal

  • 15%

Breakdown of FB birthday wishes
  • 83 timeline posts

Most common word(s) used
  • “Happy Birthday” (or some spelling of)

Other notable word

  • “value”

Most common name
  • “Allan”

2nd most common name
  • “Big Al”

3rd most common name
  • “Dude”

Average number of exclamation points
  • 1.4 per timeline post or comment

(Text messaging)

Number of text birthday wishes
  • 6

Forecasted text birthday wishes
  • 4

First text birthday wish
  • Carol at 06:34 PT

Latest text birthday wish
  • Kenny G at 20:36 PT

(“I just called to say...” -Nicole Ritchie’s dad)

Number of phone calls
  • 2 (sad huh?)

Forecasted phone calls
  • 3

First phone call
  • Dad at 09:53

Latest phone call
  • Mom at 19:26

(Breaking it down)

Breakdown of the origin of 98 birthday wishes (90 Facebook + 6 texts + 2 calls):
  • Bay Area Misc (friends of friends, SO's, broad category): 26
  • Santa Clara University: 23
  • SP-SV High School: 14
  • Work: 10
  • Family: 8
  • St. Catherine's Grade School: 7
  • V-towne Misc: 3
  • Peeps I met at hostels: 3
  • Craigslist, Friendster, AOL, To Catch a Predator, etc.: 2
  • Dog: 1
  • Preschool: 1
  • Total: 98

(“Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake “ -Rihanna)

Number of cakes
  • 1

Number of layers
  • 3

Ice cream flavor
  • vanilla

  • “Happy Gangnam Style Birthday Allan!”

Place of purchase
  • Safeway

  • All statistics are from 00:00 PT to 23:59 PT on October 2, 2012 and two FB messages that occurred a few hours prior from the Guam time zone.

  • A person is counted based on their first attempt to wish me a birthday.  If you texted me and then FB’d me, then I count you as a text.

  • A person’s origin in the breakdown is based on our first meeting.  If you went to grade school with me and then we met up via Craigslist, then as much as I would like to count you on Craigslist, I put you in the St. Catherine’s Grade School.

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