Friday, June 26, 2009 

Big Al's Childhood Hero Passes

This blog entry is dedicated to Michael Jackson - The King of Pop. It was so sad to find out that you have left our world. Despite many weird things you did, I was always a fan. Captain EO will always be my favorite 3D movie. The Wiz will always be my favorite version of Wizard of Oz (you rocked as the Scarecrow). Moonwalker will always be my favorite Sega Genesis game. Beat It will always be my favorite song even though I have a different interpretation of the title.

(Today I will voluntarily drink Pepsi in honor of MJ.)

I was looking forward to traveling across the pond to see you in London. Seeing a live Michael Jackson concert was on my Life's To Do List. It will be one that will not be checked off. May you rest in peace. One day we'll meet up and we can find out what happened to Bubbles the chimpanzee and debate which Home Alone movie was the best of all time.

Sunday, June 07, 2009 

Big Al's Grandpa turns 97

Very few people get to see the big 100 in their life.  My grandpa aka "Papang" is headed down that road.  The strong guy celebrated his 97th on June 3rd with a small celebration of 32 family members last Saturday.  No doubt, that he'll make it to his 100th.

(A rare gathering of the entire La Familia.  Where's Big Al?)