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Friday, May 08, 2009 

Big Al is a geek.... not a nerd

There is much debate in definition between "geek" and "nerd". I consider myself a "geek". A geek is traditionally one who is immersed in a specific subject. One could be a Mac geek and he would be an Apple, Inc. purist who only has Macintosh's and Ipod's as their equipment of choice.

Geek can often be substituted with the word "whore" in certain contexts and it is usually applied to females. A female could be a brand name whore such as one that only uses Coach or Louis Vuitton. A female could be a whore if she sleeps around with you and your friends.

(I would consider this guy from the Cheery Blossom Festival to be an Anime geek.)

A "nerd" is one that is an introvert. A person that is immersed in books and not into the latest fashion trends. A person such as Screech Powers and Joe Jeezy as depicted in the following picture.

(Joe Jeezy is an aspiring Samuel Powers... no relation to Austin Powers)

Happy Mother's Day!

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