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Tuesday, May 12, 2009 

Big Al gets a HR ball then gives it to E-Money

So I didn't actually get the ball. I almost did. At the end of the day, E-Money got the prize and has the official bragging rights.

(I'm in the center of the picture with the cream Giant's jersey with the sling backpack on.)

I was at the Giant's vs. National's game last Monday to watch the Big Unit and the Gyros. VJ, E-Money and Big Al were hanging out int he arcade when Ryan "I have a 30 game hitting streak" Zimmerman launches his 4th hit as a home run. It bounced off of the right field awning, touched my right hand, rolled past VJ and into the hands of E-Money. My injuries are isolated to a few leg scrapes, a charlie horse and a bump right above my eyebrow. You can view the actual events in real time by fast forwarding to the 0:44 mark on this video. Watch as I bump my head against the rail.


Big ups to E-Money for the pickup. Bigger ups for taking the fake ball that he happened to have in his pocket and throwing it on the field to please the rest of the Giant's fans.

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Typical.... no glove.

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