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Saturday, April 04, 2009 

Big Al is at the Final Four

Big Al took a spontaneous trip to Motown to celebrate the NCAA Final Four. This place is crazy nuts since Michigan State is right down the street. Anyways, I just got back to the hotel after hanging out at Ford Field all day. My condolences to the fans of Villanova University and UConn - you'll get them next year. I'll be back at Ford Field with the other 70,000 faithful for the UNC vs. State game for the bestest college basketball team in the universe!

(Detroit, Ford Field, Riser 9, Row 46, Seat 16 - Big Al and his closest 70000 friends enjoying the greatest sporting event on Earth.)

(Big Al and Emeka Okafor hanging out at the Final Four. You and the Huskies will get them next year Okafor.)

(Duck, Big Al and some other Michigan State fan in front of Ford Field. Go Green! Go White!)