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Sunday, April 05, 2009 

Big Al checks out The 8 Mile Road

Sunday is an off day for the NCAA Men's Tournament, so we decided to play tourist in the Detroit area. Of course any visit to Detroit is not complete unless you take some time to check Eminem's 8 Mile Road. It's quite an interesting place if you have never been exposed to places like the V, Richmond, Oakland or Milpitas... beyaaattchh!! Here are a few pictures for those of you spoiled folks that always need the latest and greatest. Appreciate what you got!

(Just checking in from 8 Mile Road. No bulletproof vest necessary.)

(8 Mile Road is the symbolic divide from the poor black neighborhoods and the richer white suburbs)

(Be happy with what you have.)

Richer white suburbs ?

Last I checked most people in the suburbs are out of a job. That and all the blacks in Detroit are moving to the suburbs and you know what that means.

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