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Sunday, March 29, 2009 

Big Al gets stranded in Scottsdale

Big Al and Frenchy hit up downtown Scottsdale last night. I was very impressed with the AZ talent pool. However, their methods of transportation were lacking.

(Homie is checking out the damage on the streets of Scottsdale. Homie had a bad potty mouth.)

After hanging out at the first place, we decided to hit up more of the sports bar scene. In doing so we decided to a take a rickshaw (not the name of a dude, but the cart attached to a bike). We enjoyed a nice bromantic tour of downtown Scottsdale and a puny kid pedaled almost 400 pounds of our weight. We probably shouldn't have gotten on in the first place given that the bike's rear tire was wobbling uncontrollably throughout the ride. After 15 minutes of riding around I heard a loud pop, a hissing noise and then a stale smell of air. The first reaction was to think that either the sprinkler system went off or a snake jumped on board. Unfortunately neither happened. We ended up running over someething that slashed our rear tire.

(Frenchy & Big Al are taking charge after the bike incident.)

We were sidelined for about 30 minutes as a replacement rickshaw was summoned but never arrived. We decided the hassle wasn't worth it and we eventually hoofed it back to the downtown scene.

(Despite the fears of being stranded in the streets of Scottsdale, the end results of getting back to civilization were well worth it.)

One last day left in the PHX. Check out a little more of Scottsdale with a Giant's game and then off to the airport for the ride home.