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Monday, March 30, 2009 

Big Al checks out Spring Training

After many years of being a faithful Giant's fan, I finally was able to take in some Spring Training madness in the greater Phoenix area. I took in parts of two games (Giants at Padres in Peoria & Brewers at Giants in Scottsdale). I was very impressed with the whole experience. Both were small ballparks that gave you the feel of being almost on the field. Sometimes the games were so quiet you could hear the umpires calling balls and strikes and you could hear the base coaches yelling out to their runners.

(Santa Clara Alum Randy Winn getting ready to take Right Field.)

The crowd of about 8000 (in both parks) were quiet most of the time, but weren't afraid to yell out here and there. I yelled out a few times, but it was hard to hide yourself since the players actually heard and saw you in the small crowd.

(I had a few words with Roberto Kelly. I asked him to come back for one more year like Lance Armstrong. It got him laughing.)

The best part of watching games in Arizona was Beer Man. Unlike the non-existence of Beer Man in California, the viewing experience was greatly enhanced by the frequent visit of Beer Man as he handed you a cold Miller or Bud all the way until the first pitch of the 8th inning. Additionally, after the game there were several shuttles that were ready to pick you up and drop you off at their bar.

(No I ain't ninja. You can actually stick your camera into the dugout in Spring Training.)

I highly endorse Spring Training. I hope to make it out there for 2010.

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