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Wednesday, December 03, 2008 

Big Al loses Turkey Bowl VI

So after winning Turkey Bowl I-IV, Big Al is officially on a Turkey Bowl losing streak of 2. Unfortunately Big Al could not avenge his 2007 Turkey Bowl loss. He lost Turkey Bowl VI by the score of 10-8. It's a sad day in Big Al's world, but it is what it is.

From 2008_turkey_bowl

(The SP-SV representatives. Big Al placed himself in the back row.)

Traditionally, the game is held at Wardlaw Elementary on the Friday morning after Thanksgiving. However, the game was pushed back to Sunday morning to accommodate participant's logistics. Big Al's team consisted of Soldier Steve, Joe Jeezy, Irmo and a few other miscellaneous players. The other team consisted of VJ, Sean, Chiz, Kenny G, Robalyn and additional players.

From 2008_turkey_bowl
(Strategerizing while shaking their thang!)

Big Al's team started out strong, taking the lead at 2-1, but we ended the 1st half at 6-4. The rushing attack proved to be effective for Big Al's team, but costly turnovers proved to be difference. The day ended in a 10-8 loss.

From 2008_turkey_bowl
(Stretching out at the tender age of 29. Retire!)

Big Al's Team Report Card:
Draft: A
Conditioning: B
Play Calling: C (better in the second half)
Passing: F
Running: B (but the rushing attack didn't occur until the 2nd half)
Defense: C
Special Teams: D (with the last point scored on a kickoff return)

We have another 12 months to prepare for Turkey Bowl VII (tentatively scheduled for November 29, 2009 at 11am). Clear your schedules!

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