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Saturday, December 27, 2008 

Big Al is in the mutha' land

I've been a little busy lately (I know, I miss the old Big Al too). I've been prepping for my voyage back to the motha' land. I took off on December 24 and arrived on the 26th in the Philippine Islands. Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, I celebrated Christmas. I looked out my window, but there were no signs of Jolly Saint Nick (but I still believe).

(The Big Al Family (clockwise from Big Al): Jay Jay, Rog, Jo Jo, Luis, Mark David, Jan Jan, Cid, Ba Bam & Reo)

Anyways, I attended the beautiful wedding of my cousin Christine and Rogi (his first and middle name is actually Rogi Moore... of James Bond fame) in Lucena City, a small suburb of Manila about 90 miles south of Manila. It takes about 3-4 hours by car going over the rough terrain of the Philippines to reach my final destination. Despite the roughly 24 hours of travel time from San Jose, CA to Lucena City, it was well worth it to spend time with the family especially over the holidays.
(Big Al and Cuz Moore... Rogi Moore)

(Kuya (pronounced Koo-yah) Rog and Ate (pronounced ahh-te) Christine. My pictures weren't that good that evening.)

I'm off to Palawan (the Hawaii of the Philippines) on Monday, and will be back Stateside soon. I'll fill you in later on all the good stuff. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

happy new year BGA!


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