Saturday, December 27, 2008 

Big Al is in the mutha' land

I've been a little busy lately (I know, I miss the old Big Al too). I've been prepping for my voyage back to the motha' land. I took off on December 24 and arrived on the 26th in the Philippine Islands. Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, I celebrated Christmas. I looked out my window, but there were no signs of Jolly Saint Nick (but I still believe).

(The Big Al Family (clockwise from Big Al): Jay Jay, Rog, Jo Jo, Luis, Mark David, Jan Jan, Cid, Ba Bam & Reo)

Anyways, I attended the beautiful wedding of my cousin Christine and Rogi (his first and middle name is actually Rogi Moore... of James Bond fame) in Lucena City, a small suburb of Manila about 90 miles south of Manila. It takes about 3-4 hours by car going over the rough terrain of the Philippines to reach my final destination. Despite the roughly 24 hours of travel time from San Jose, CA to Lucena City, it was well worth it to spend time with the family especially over the holidays.
(Big Al and Cuz Moore... Rogi Moore)

(Kuya (pronounced Koo-yah) Rog and Ate (pronounced ahh-te) Christine. My pictures weren't that good that evening.)

I'm off to Palawan (the Hawaii of the Philippines) on Monday, and will be back Stateside soon. I'll fill you in later on all the good stuff. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008 

Big Al sees Harold Reynolds

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures, but I was at the Las Vegas Rao's Restaurant last evening and I saw former baseball All Star Harold Reynolds with a party of 10+. He's here for the 2008 MLB Winter Meetings. My friends and I looked at him a few times, and at the end of the evening he acknowledged us.

(I wanted to talk to him about getting fired from ESPN, but I thought it would have been bad taste.)

I thought that was pretty cool. I remember reading an article about the A's 3rd Baseman Eric Chavez. Chavez was at a hamburger restaurant and a couple of guys were sitting in the corner and they noticed him. Chavez went by and said hi. The reporter asked him why he did that. Chavez responded that as a public figure, it's his job to do it and he knows that it would make a life lasting moment for those guys. Additionally, he mentioned that all those guys would be doing is talking about how they met Chavez and how they talked to him about baseball at a random restaurant. We all have our celebrity moments where we ran into somebody like Hammer, sat next to somebody on the plane like Carlton Williamson or ran into MMA Hall of Famer, Mark Coleman, and they're pretty cool to mention them to your friends millions of times.

Monday, December 08, 2008 

Big Al's night with the Mexicutioner

For those that don't know, Pacquiao whoops De La Hoya with a 8th round TKO on Saturday night. Pacquiao, the Mexicutioner, completely dominated De La Hoya from the opening bell. I also managed to win a few bucks by putting down some cash on a few prop bets.

I'm hooked. I want to go to another fight. Is Ricky Hatton next? Or is it Floyd Mayweather? More detailed report about the Big Al Brodeo to come.

(Really drunk Al, Johnny, Gel & Ito trying to get backstage as Freddie Roach's groupies.)

Saturday, December 06, 2008 

Big Al is at the Brodeo

Live blogging from the fight as he waits for Pac Man.

Friday, December 05, 2008 

Big Al is on his way to the Brodeo

Just checking in from the airport on the way to the Big Al Brodeo in
Las Vegas.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008 

Big Al loses Turkey Bowl VI

So after winning Turkey Bowl I-IV, Big Al is officially on a Turkey Bowl losing streak of 2. Unfortunately Big Al could not avenge his 2007 Turkey Bowl loss. He lost Turkey Bowl VI by the score of 10-8. It's a sad day in Big Al's world, but it is what it is.

From 2008_turkey_bowl

(The SP-SV representatives. Big Al placed himself in the back row.)

Traditionally, the game is held at Wardlaw Elementary on the Friday morning after Thanksgiving. However, the game was pushed back to Sunday morning to accommodate participant's logistics. Big Al's team consisted of Soldier Steve, Joe Jeezy, Irmo and a few other miscellaneous players. The other team consisted of VJ, Sean, Chiz, Kenny G, Robalyn and additional players.

From 2008_turkey_bowl
(Strategerizing while shaking their thang!)

Big Al's team started out strong, taking the lead at 2-1, but we ended the 1st half at 6-4. The rushing attack proved to be effective for Big Al's team, but costly turnovers proved to be difference. The day ended in a 10-8 loss.

From 2008_turkey_bowl
(Stretching out at the tender age of 29. Retire!)

Big Al's Team Report Card:
Draft: A
Conditioning: B
Play Calling: C (better in the second half)
Passing: F
Running: B (but the rushing attack didn't occur until the 2nd half)
Defense: C
Special Teams: D (with the last point scored on a kickoff return)

We have another 12 months to prepare for Turkey Bowl VII (tentatively scheduled for November 29, 2009 at 11am). Clear your schedules!

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