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Tuesday, September 02, 2008 

Big Al's House makes his friends famous

You see it on television programs like Kid's Incorporated and Nickelodeon where kid stars such as Justin or Britney or Christina get their start and then they later become mega superstars. BigAlsHouse.com is proud to be that starting point for his inner circle of friends and acquaintances. Although Ito isn't schmoozing with the likes of Paris or Mylee or Lindsay yet, he's getting exposure on the KTVU News at 5.

What wasn't mentioned on the newscast was, "I'm glad Google's Chrome will enhance my porn experience. Because Chrome isn't single threaded like traditional browsers, I can watch Jena on one screen and if that crashes I'll still be able to continue watching Tera on the other. Also, all of my sex toys are made of Chrome. Coincidence?"

(Ito's first appearance on the BigAlsHouse circa 2004. That's a little bit of Absolut, Jaeger and Whoop Ass!)