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Tuesday, September 30, 2008 

Big Al's Bromantic Weekend Update

Here are the rough plans for the Big Al's Bromantic Dirty 30 Weekend October 17 to 19. Hopefully you can all make it.

Leaving from the South Bay in afternoon with anybody from the South Bay
Pit Stop at the original Big Al's House
V-towne folks can ride up with me. VJ may be leaving later, so I would check with him.
Maybe pick up Frenchy at some random airport along the way
Check in Harveys/Harrahs in South Lake Tahoe (we have 2 rooms right now, I can get more if you're fat)

Fun fun fun Minnesota Vikings style on the Lake

Pack up, kick the strippers out and get to V-towne by 2pm.
BBQ and huge meal at the original Big Al's House in V-towne (don't wear blue or red). Wives, girlfriends, sisters and mothers are welcome.
We all go on our merry ways

It's going to be a pretty chill weekend with nothing really planned. I have no intention to spend a lot of money here given the state of our world (read: this ain't no bachelor party so the dollar bills stay in yo' pocket unless you really want to put it down Frenchy's pants.) Please add anybody else that I may have forgotten. Thanks.