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Monday, September 22, 2008 

Big Al's Bail Out Assistance Movement

With the fallout to many of America's top financial institutions such as Lehman Bros., AIG and WaMu, every man, woman and child will be responsible for about $2000 of government bailout assistance. BigAlsHouse.com would like to make that $4000 each.

I'd like to announce that BigAlsHouse.com will go into bankruptcy filing due to the $700 billion dollars in debt that we have amassed on luxury yachts, strippers, Herman Miller Aeron Chairs, stripper poles and Segway scooters. We'd like to protect all of our assets (porno), so if any government division, foreign or domestic, would like to bail out the BigAlsHouse.com please send pallets full of cash to me.

If Freddie and Fannie can get help, so can Big Al. We want to have the single largest bankruptcy filing ever! Support Big Al's Bail Out Assistance Movement!