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Thursday, September 04, 2008 

Big Al on Tour: The Big Al Bro-deo

Downturn in economy? Sheeyyaaatt! Ain't no thing like a chicken-wing.... on a string.

In addition to the Big Al Bromantic Weekend in Lake Tahoe on October 17-19, the Big Al tour will continue. With the overwhelming demand for the Big Al Bromantic Weekend, the staff at THE BigAlsHouse.com has added tour stop #2 with Big Al on Tour:  The Big Al Bro-deo in Las Vegas on December 7-9.

The Big Al on Tour:  The Big Al Bro-deo will feature 3 days and 2 nights in harsh winters of desert.  Activities include guy on guy spooning at the Tropicana Hotel, a evening with Thunder from Down Under and some TBA Man vs. Man boxing at the MGM Grand.

Contact THE BigAlsHouse.com official tour agency for specific details.  Hope to you see you at Big Al on Tour:  The Big Al Bro-deo.
(Featured performer of Big Al on Tour:  The Big Al Bro-deo in Las Vegas.)