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Monday, August 11, 2008 

Big Al's News Network is on a car accident scene

"Hey bro, that was an awesome party!"
"Yeah, them hizzoz were off the hook."
"Man...  I should have gotten her digitz.  It's coo.  Next time."
"Yeah, foh shizzle.  One of them told me her name and told me to holla' at her, but I didn't want to get her number.  My choice.  She was just a hizzo.  A dime a dozen."
"Yeah...  I was just getting my swerve on anyways with a little Mad Dawg 20/20."
"Oh wait...  what's that?"
"Huh?  Oh shit!"
SCREECH...  BUMP...  CRASH...  HONK...  HONK...  HONK...
"You cool bro?"
"Eh?  Oh snap.  My mom's car is fck'd.  Let's get the F out of here!"

(What Big Al woke up to during the early hours this Sunday.)

That's what I believe what happened on the early hours of August 10.  Big Al was getting his beauty rest and then at 4:20am he wakes up to a noise of tires screeching, loud thuds and a car horn going off.
(The scene of the crime.  It looks like the guys saw the island, jumped the curb, took out a tree and ended up in the front yard of the corner house.)

It looks like 2 guys were driving a late model wagon/SUV type car and crashed it into my townhouse complex.  After crashing the car into the retaining wall both of the guys fled, leaving their car.

(The island may have startled them in their drunken state, they ended up jumping the curb and then proceeded to go into the wall that protected my neighbor's front yard.)

(It sucks to be my neighbors.  Actually, it sucks to be me.  My HOA fees are probably going up.)

It is unknown whether these guys were drunk or were out joyriding.  It did wake the whole neighborhood.  My guess is that these guys were drunk, they saw the recently installed island, got freaked out and ran up on the curb and into the wall.  More to come as this story develops.