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Monday, August 04, 2008 

Big Al's entourage just keeps on growing

Big Al would like to welcome the newest member of the Big Al entourage: Tyler John.

(Mommy Nicky, Sister Jules & Tyler. Where's daddy Ted? He's beating the crap out of the a guy with a purple and black uniform. I don't know why, but Tyler kinda' looks like the FedEx guy... Just kidding!)

Looks like the big guy came in on Saturday, 8/2/08 at 3:59am. He entered Earth at 7lbs 2oz, 21" long (size of the baby... not his ding-dong).

Big Al would like to congratulate mommy Nicky, sister Jules and daddy Ted. Looks like Ted can now finally live his dream of being a professional athlete through Tyler. At Tyler's size, Big Al's prediction is that Tyler will be a 240 pound fullback. After attending 3 years at Notre Dame, Tyler will come out early to join the NFL elite.

I have already pointed Tyler to the Megan's Law website to see his Uncle Al's picture.

I may have set off a few Meghan's Law alerts (all false), but at least I haven't been on To Catch a Predator.

no love for ruckus' baby? ouch.

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