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Friday, August 01, 2008 

Big Al sees a fender bender

"Woo whoo fender bender" - The Pips from the Gieco Commercial

(Picture take from the Big Al Chopper.)

I'm typing away at my computer this morning and I hear a car coming to a screeching halt. I look out the window and I see a fender bender. I'm going to place the blame on the green Toyota Camry. It looks like they were going west to east, and they had a stop sign. The cab was going south to north, but they did not have a stop sign. The Camry probably just finished their stop, proceeded into the intersection and saw the cab, but they assumed they were going to stop... then bam!

Regardless who's fault it is, it sucks to be the parked Toyota Corolla. There's a note on the car right now. It probably says something like "Dear Toyota Corolla owner. I just hit your car. I'm writing this note because people think I'm leaving my driver's license and insurance information, but I'm not. I'm smiling at them now. It sucks to be you!"

Have a good weekend!

dud...do you work in the city now?

Long story... The answer is "yes"... for now.

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