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Monday, August 04, 2008 

Big Al goes to camp... 49er's camp

Niner Teri hooked it up once again with VIP to a 49er's event. This time she got me into the 49er's last public workout session. I went to one before many years ago. It's a practice. Say it with me, "practice... just practice". It doesn't replace the thrill of gameday, nor does it feed you like a good Sunday morning tailgate.
(Patrick Willis and company line up against the Santa Clara Garbagemen - the newest NFL expansion team.)

I watched about 2 hours of various offensive, defensive and special team's drills then a light scrimmage. I did that as I munched on hot dogs and sloppy joe's while I chatted away with people from Blue Diamond Nuts & Monster Cable in the VIP tent. I did come home with a great bounty. All I can say is that I did get the signature of the starting 49er's quarterback for 2008... whoever that may be. Thanks Niner Teri. You're the best!

(Alex Smith deserves his own mini helmet just because he's was picked #1 overall. Don't disappoint me.)

(In my quest to get the starting QB's signature, I put out a little insurance in case Alex gets benched early. I let Shaun Hill sign his own mini helmet just in case.)

(J.T. O'Sullivan (14), Donald Strickland (30) & Larry Grant (57) don't get the mini helmet love. However, they do get their place on the generic ball of fame.)