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Monday, July 07, 2008 

Big Al's movie review: Car Babes

I took some time over the holiday weekend to watch the feature length film: Car Babes. It's not what you think. It's not Fast in the Furious. It's not scantily clad women draped over souped up cars (oh how I wish). A car babe is a car salesperson and this is a story of car babe Ford Davis (Ben Savage) trying to save his family's car dealership from the evil RV dealership trying to take over the property.
(Stephie (with watermelon) isn't exactly Topanga from Boy Meets World, but she  does an awesome job nonetheless.  I look forward to more films with Steffie.)

The movie was alright since it took 3/4 of the movie to figure out the plot, and the character development was below average at best. Probably not worth watching unless you fall within the following:
1. You like supporting local and up and coming directors and producers (in this case a bunch of kids from Los Gatos)
2. You your family or close friend is a car babe
3. Your friend is actually in the move (Stephanie Keeney)

Luckily, for me I fall within all of the above. I've been waiting for this flick to come out since they started production in 2006. Fellow SP-SV alum Keeney does a wonderful job as Judy Gary, a dim-witted girlfriend of Ford Davis. Unfortunately, her character isn't too developed beyond being the stereotypical dumb blond. She does find her way to taking a job as a waitress in a Hooters-like restaurant: Melons. She has a few more speaking lines, but she ends up taking a back seat to Ford Davis' new found girlfriend and heroine Alicia Santos (Caroline Garcia). Awesome job by Keeney!

As for the rest of you who don't fall within the top 3 above, I would save this film until you see it in the bargain bin or as a gag gift. As the film progresses, the storyline has the typical Brady Bunch save the person/business/orphanage/etc. feel with a last minute save by the most likeliest of characters.

Verdict: 2 Big Al points down


sorry, tapanga, u lost me at ben not-so-savage.

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