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Tuesday, June 03, 2008 

Big Al says thank you

Thanks to everybody that came out to my 29 1/2 Burphday. I'll post stories and pictures later. I'm just lazy right now. Go to www.lovesthreadless.com for more of my daily musings.

It's Almost 2 weeks & you haven't put up stories or pictures from your 29th 1/2 b-day party?!?!? Wow! What about all your faithful Big Al's House viewers that couldn't attend? They deserve to know how it all went down. Especially since Frenchy is stuck in asia! FREE FRENCHY!! By the way, Radley & I are going to make more shirts with different designs so that you can sell them on your website. Look out for the new Big Al shirts coming soon! BiGalsHouse.com!

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