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Monday, June 23, 2008 

Big Al meets up with Torino Rita

So I'm recovering from my short and intense weekend to New York. I'm slightly jet lagged, but not too bad. I planned my trip out careful enough so that it would not inconvenience anybody in my travelling party and still allow me recovery time once I got home. Everything was working out great - my arrival and departure time coincided with Soldier Steve. However, the FAA had some other plans in mind. I unfortunately was grounded on the runway for about 2.5 hours due to poor weather in the Midwestern United States. My recovery time that I expected to use sitting down and lounging out was cut in half. I almost forgot to take my garbage out.

(Rita's Friend #1, Rita's Friend #2, Soldier Steve, Rita and Big Al at Dip.)

Despite the unfortunate events by being grounded, I'm happy to say that I made it back without any airplane failure or having to be stuck in New York. I also was also fortunate to meet a cool chick - Christie. She sells pharmaceutical devices on the Peninsula. Had I not been able to make my flight I may have spent Sunday evening with Rengasamy Salami or with Torino Rita - whom I spent Friday evening with.

Friday evening started out with my arrival just at the end of the Turkey-Croatia Euro Cup quarter final matchup. Solider Steve called me as he arrived, so I quickly booked it over to JFK's Terminal 2. Unknown to me, it was going to be another hour before he showed up which caused me to miss one of the most exciting Euro Cup finishes. Oh well.

Solider Steve and I checked into our midtown hotel and started to liquor up at the T.G.I. Fridays. We then met up with Torino Rita and her friends at Dip bar then we proceeded to go to karaoke. Given the timing, I went straight to my hit karaoke song Kharma Khameleon. I brought down the house.

It's great to meet up with old friends. I first met Torino Rita in Torino, Italy. You can look up the events on my blog around February 2006. We then went on another trip to Thailand and Cambodia in May of 2006. She visited San Francisco once in late 2006 and this is the first time I was able to visit her in New York. Hopefully it won't be another 2 years before I see her again.

Anyways, thanks to Rita and friends for a great evening!

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good to see you Torino Rita . . . and you too big al

hope all is well


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