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Sunday, June 22, 2008 

Big Al goes to Carol's wedding

***Update 6/23/08***
I have added the wedding pictures to my photo album.
***End of update***

So the long anticipated Carol and John wedding is finally in the books. I was able to reacquaint with old high school friends and make some new New York friends.  I'm sad that it's all over.

(Soldier Steve, VJ, Big Al & Rob all set to jump into action if Carol or John needed to be saved.)

Wedding day started off with a mild hangover given the last evenings events with Rita Torino and friends (more on that in a separate blog entry). VJ took the red eye in and picked Soldier Steve and Big Al up at the New York Hilton. We proceeded from Midtown Manhattan to Long Island which would have been a quick trip 30 mile trip in Big Al's helicopter had he not loaned it to Kanye West. However, we went by Ford Explorer and it took us over an hour and half. Supposedly all the rich folks were taking their weekend getaway trips to the Hamptons and Big Al and crew happened to be stuck in the traffic.
(John you now have honorary V-towne Playa Pass membership.  Usually only the people from Vallejo can claim that their from V-towne.  You now can too.)

We arrived in time to catch the wedding ceremony of Carol and John. Carol as always looked stunning, and it appears that John has been training for an MMA match given that he dropped some pounds by game time. They both said "I do", so the SWAT team did not have come in and save either them.
(Carol is the first from the "SP-SV No Maam Club" to tie the knot.  The rest of us will remain strong and survive...  at least until my mail order bride shows up.)

The evening followed with a non-typical reception... something that Big Al and friends may have to bring over to the West Coast. We started our night early in the hotel bar with our own cocktails while getting acquainted with the friends of the bride and groom. We were quickly asked to not bring our own beers into the bar area (we did it anyways). The next part of the evening was the Hors d'vours. This easily wins the "Best Hors d'vours" for a wedding in the history of Big Al weddings. The pre-party lasted at least an hour and a half. What traditionally would have been a short snack and a few drinks turned into a full out gluttenfest. At the end of it, I was already loaded with booze and all sorts of food.
(VJ, Carol's aunt, Baby Jordan, Natalie, Soldier Steve, Carol's Mom and Big Al.  We're hanging out in the bar that doesn't allow outside cocktails.)

The actual dinner was non-traditional too, but very cool. They started out with the announcement of the wedding party including the robot dance of the brother and sister of the bride. Then came the salad. After everybody scarfed that down, we started the "Dance, Dance, Dance" portion of the program. They took a short break for the dinner and then we did more "Dance, Dance, Dance". I really liked the mixture of food and dance; my stomach may have argued.

(Meridith and Lindsay and Soldier Steve.  They were at the other table.  I'm still confused why we were sitting at a table of married people.)

The evening wrapped down with the after party hosted by Bern Dawggy Dawg. Soldier Steve has some reflective moments with Lan. VJ was KO'd in the room. And as always, Big Al was chasing tail... no success. =(

John and Carol - I love you guys.  Congratulations and have many kids (by October 2009 so I can win the pool).   Name him Big Al.

The tentative wedding schedule is:
Emily: July 2008
Ken and Es: January 2009?
E-money & Tad Dawg: July 2009?

Em, you're on the clock!

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