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Wednesday, May 21, 2008 

Big Al's Weekend Slosh

In addition to The Family party, Big Al was up to other shenanigans throughout the Bay Area. I hooked up with the Neethanator, Loren, VJ, E-Money and Tad-Dawg up in SF for the Gyro's baseball game. It was bobblehead night and the Gyros were giving away Masanori Murakami bobbers. I got one beeyaaatch!!! Thank goodness they're limited to first 5 million people through the gate. The Gyros lost again. It makes me 1-1 for the season.

(Big Al's Entourage gets bigger: Big Al, Daniel, Britney & The Neethanator.)

(Mythbusters:  "Okay Jenn, let's put this theory to the test.  Hold the cigarette right THERE!")

(On the next episode of The Couger Hunter...)

Saturday's madness began with sloshball (aka kickball for those reminiscing back to grade school). For those that aren't familiar, think kickball but you have to have a cup of beer in your hand at all times. Had we adhered to real sloshball rules, then we'd probably score a lot less. I believe the final score was 6-5 in this 6 inning contest. I pitched the final 3 innings in relief. Giving up 2 runs in the final frame. I went 1 for 3 at the plate with 1 run scored. I sadly was not much of an offensive threat.

(Big Al and Phat talking over sloshball strategy.)

(Big Al - 2 time SCS kickball recess champion.)

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i just thought i'd note that in 2 consecutive posts u have nikked dude's ass & man-love on a couch. is there some new lifestyle change i should be aware of about u? not that there is anything wrong with that, since i'm running around throwing bachelorette parties.

Beeeyaattchh.. Bring it! At least I ain't the "Man of Honor" and throwing bachlorette parties with male strippers. You must be Try-Curious.

Big to the Al

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