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Sunday, May 11, 2008 

Big Al's Spontaneous Saturday Night

Saturday was almost the night that didn't happen. It's weird how life is series of events that are based off each other. I was wrapping up a long hard day of sleeping, playing at the park and watching TV, and I was expecting to go out with Jackay, but then she flaked. I was just about to call it a night then I decided to give my old college friend, Candy, a call. We were just going to go out for drinks and catch up, but we decided to do something else.
(Alicia Keys up close. Not bad for $50 seats.)

I felt like doing a Big Al's Spontaneous Saturday Night. I've previously done these spontaneous events for things like baseball or basketball games or trips to New Zealand. However, this spontaneous event revolved around the Alicia Keys concert. I hit up Craigslist throughout the afternoon and watched the price of the tickets rapidly drop as the 9pm concert neared. After making a few calls, I managed to get down pretty close to the stage for $50/ticket. Not bad eh? I probably could have gotten it a little cheaper, but I was happy at the price.
(The Big Al Nation is everywhere. A couple of old OG V-towne friends coincidentally sat next to Big Al during the concert. Candy, Big Al, Arniel & some other V-Towne chick)

(Candy, Big Al & Cougar Diane taking shots. BTW "Candy" is my 2nd favorite stripper name behind "Jaguar".)

I've never been an Alicia Keys fan, nor a fan of Jordin Sparks or Ne-Yo. Candy and I showed up pretty blitzed as Jordan Sparks was wrapping up her act. We listened to Ne-Yo for about 10 minutes then we decided to hit the bar. The people at the bar were pretty cool. I met this older chick, Diane, there. She seemed like a cougar. I wonder how it would have been had Candy not been there. I also met some twins there, but sadly my fantasy was not fulfilled.

(Sadly, the Big Al fantasy was not fulfilled... at least not yet. Holla!)

Candy and I stayed mostly through the whole concert. We decided to get ahead of the crowd and leave during the encore. Little did I know we would not beat them out. During my drunkenness I dropped my keys and phone and wallet at my seat. The phone was recovered by the person sitting in front of me, and I happened to come across my keys before we originally left. It wasn't until we were in the parking lot did I realize that my wallet was missing. Luckily the folks at the arena helped out and I managed to find my wallet under my seat. Disaster averted!

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