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Sunday, May 11, 2008 

Big Al's Prison

(Big Al's Prisoner 00002 - Jackay is guilty of flaking on Big Al)

I'm going to start a new feature here - Big Al's Prison. Going to Big Al's Prison is similar to going to a real prison. If you do something bad in real life, then you go to prison. If you do something bad to Big Al, then you go to Big Al's Prison. All prisoners are considered guilty until proven innocent. Crimes can be petty such as being stupid gay like Q where the punishment will be 1 day of prison. Crimes can be large such as cheating Big Al out of something where you'll be Big Al's Prison for a life sentence (no known offenders to date).

The most recent prisoner is Jackay from V-towne. Jackay flaked on Big Al this weekend. She suggested that we go out to chase tail somewhere in the area this last Saturday. Unfortunately for Big Al, Jackay said she lost her ID. I just don't buy it. So you're in Big Al's Prison until May 30th. No communication with Big Al until then. See you at my party!