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Thursday, May 29, 2008 

Big Al's Party is 48 hours away

So I really don't have much to say today. Weird eh? I did have a lot of fun last week. Stef, Amber, Ito, Loren and Les showed up to THE BigAlsHouse last Saturday for a little UFC action feature BJ Penn (overrated!). Sunday, Big Al and Loren checked out the A's vs. the Red Sox. Monday I just kicked back, played some softball at the park across the street with some former California State Penitentiary inmates. I survived.

(Not bad for free seats via Loren's friend. There were way to many Sox fans at the A's home game.)

We're about 48 hours from Big Al's 29 1/2 Burphday. Lots of food is prepped, drinks are chilling and the stripper poles are greased down.  Before then, it's off to Irmo's nude sculpture exhibit on Friday in Davis. We're drinking in the parking lot at 5pm. See you there!

i dont know much about MMA, but BJ's knee to the head was one of the craziest endings in a fight ive seen

Mark Munoz would piledrive BJ then do a Hulk Hogan drop kick him.

Mark Munoz is in WEC MMA. I think WEC is the little sister of the UFC:

Big to the Al

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