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Tuesday, May 20, 2008 

Big Al's 'The Family' Burphday Madness

When I woke up last Saturday I would never have guessed that would have found myself in Vallejo drinking with The Family. The word was that there were going to be 200-300 (it was more like 50+) people at my cousin Kathy's 21st burphday. Although there weren't close to that many, it was nice to get back into the college-aged crowd and party it up with them. Additionally, it brought me back to my roots - a V-Towne house party.

(Big Pimpin Cuz Radley is surrounded by cute girls in the BEFORE picture.)

(Not much to say about Big Pimpin Cuz Radley in the AFTER picture. Photo was taken 15 minutes after the one above.)

(Big Al, Cuz Petron, Cuz Aldrich & Cuz Kathy.)

You know how everybody has this list of Things to do before they die? Most people have bungee jumping, skydiving, visiting Antarctica, sleep with a porno star, etc. What they really need to have on their list is a V-Towne house party. There's nothing like it. Most of the time, they're pretty cool. You show up, get inside the garage, bring your booze, eat the food and dance to the DJ. It's simple and to the point. Occassionally, you'll come across an anomaly such as mace being sprayed, a fight, gun shots, getting crashed the local gang, etc. They're few and far between, but a very interesting conversation piece especially those that aren't from V-Towne.

(Cuz Lynn, Big Al, some Hawaii chick. She was freely giving out her phone to a lot of people. I should post it up here.)

So this party was really fun. Kathy brought in her folks from USF and the good old SP-SVers and the random Bay Area thug. I told them I was 24 . They all so stupid - they believed me! There must have been a galloon of Petron Silver because that's all I remember after waking up from my hangover the next morning. Anyways, happy burphday cousin Kathy!

(Ah... so young... so innocent... so naive... if you only knew what I was thinking. Focus!)

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