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Thursday, May 15, 2008 

Big Al's Breaking News: Soldier Steve is coming home

(Yes ladies...  the Man, the Myth, the Legend is coming home.  Solider Steve is back!)

The Big Al News Network (BANN) has just received word that Solider Steve is coming home from the badlands of the iRaq by May 19.  He'll be leaving the world of no alcohol, no Playboys and arranged marriages to the USA where booze, porn and hookers are everywhere.  While in the iRaq, Solider Steve successfully captured Saddam Hussein, banished the Taliban and established the first ever Centerfold's Stripclub in a Muslim nation (Jaguar is the featured dancer through June 2008).  The BigAlsHouse.com would like to thank Soldier Steve and the many brave men and women for keeping our gas prices high.

The Solider Steve festivities start off on May 24 with the 1st Annual Soldier Steve Golf Classic, pizzas and UFC at THE BigAlsHouse and then unlimited rub downs sponsored by The Oriental Sun Spa and Massage.

Have a safe voyage back home bro!

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