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Wednesday, May 14, 2008 

Big Al is not germaphobic enough

I think we're all OCD to some degree.  Maybe you check your oven a few times before you leave the house.  Maybe you check that you locked your front door a couple of times while you're on the way out.  Maybe you're super OCD and when you're taking #2, you have to wipe your a$$ 3 times with your right hand and 4 times with your left hand.  Huh?  Not me!

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) can be across the board.  Usually it's some crazy routine that you do that is not normal.  One thing that I do that I'm sure most of you all do is to make sure you do not touch anything in a public bathroom.  This usually means using your feet to flush the toilet and wait for somebody to open the door to exit or using a paper towel to open the door.  Only later do you realize that your efforts go undone after you shake hands with somebody who doesn't take the same steps to stay sanitary.

I was at the Shell gas station in Milpitas ("Milpitas bitch!") last night.  I came across a new facet of germaphobia.
(Big Al should become paparazzi.  I'm like ninja photo taker.)

Now that I think of it, I should be using a gasoline condom to top off my tank.  I later pulled up towards the front of this guy's car and I watched him meticulously examine every piece of his car with his cloth towel protection.  I like being clean, but this guy went a little over the edge.

Big ups to Cuz Aldrich for hooking me up to Indiana Jones screener tickets for next Tuesday at the Santa Clara AMC Mercado.  I have 1 ticket available.  Caller 69 wins it!

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