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Sunday, April 27, 2008 

Big Al's first Giant's game of the year

So E-money invited Big Al, VJ and his fiance to the Giant's game this weekend. Great performance by the Gyros and Jonathan "Dirty" Sanchez. 3-1 win. So as it stands, I'm 1-0 this year. World Series here we come!

(E-money, VJ and Big Al. Photo taken by Eric's fiance, but now know on the House as Tad-Dawg.)

The Funday Friday started out with the booze train from Mountain View to SF. We did jaegerbombs with Matty and Lo. It ended with a SCU reunion (of sort) with fellow Broncos: Chris (not a Bronco), Lily (c/o 02) and Martin (c/o 02). Hope to run into these guys again. Go Giants! Go Broncos! Go Sharks!

(Chris, Lily & Martin - the newest members of the Big Al entourage.)