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Monday, April 14, 2008 

Big Al's 300th post celebration with a Big Al's party announcement!

Almost 4 years later and Big Al has posted his 300th post.  In celebration of the year-long 30th birthday, Big Al has decided to throw a 29 and 1/2 birthday party.  The following information is still tentative pending permission from my Mom and Dad, San Jose PD, the Easter Bunny, etc.

What:  Big Al's 29 and 1/2 birthday celebration with Crazy T Shirt fun
When:  Saturday, May 31 about 6ish
Where:  Big Al's House (if you don't know, then you ain't invited)

I polled a few people and they suggested to go with a theme.  Why a theme?  It gives people a suggested dress attire and gives people something to talk about so we all don't sit around like 5th graders mingling within our clicks.  It also gives my guy friends an opening line to talk with the girls.  This party's theme will be CRAZY AND FUNNY T SHIRT PARTY.  Be creative.  Push it to the limits.  Nudity is encouraged.  Bottoms are optional.

An official Evite will come.  Start planning around the date.  Hope to see you all there!