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Friday, April 25, 2008 

Big Al is going to be a guest blogger at lovesthreadless.com

Lately I've been on this t-shirt binge, and I have somewhat made it my official 2008 hobby. In doing so, I've wrapped myself up in understanding the whole business from hobbyists on the web to design to manufacturing and now blogging. Starting next week, I'm going to lend my blogging services to Threadless' number 1 independent blog: www.lovesthreadless.com. Threadless is a Chicago-based company that has been around for several years. It's run by a few 20-something kids that rode with an idea and made it a multi-million dollar a year industry. I've spoken with a few of their guys there and it's a great story that was based on passion for the idea and a lot of luck. So come on by and leave some comments (good ones please, but if you have to leave bad ones, make sure they're controversial). Thanks!

I've gotten about 15 Tees from them in the past 2 years...and put a link of them on my blog earlier this year. Hope you are not showing up wearing the same shirt as me.

I've been on a T-Shirt binge lately. I got so hooked into the company that I came to know some of their employees and the blog community. I've been a little busy to blog for them. I'm hopefully going to start soon.

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