Tuesday, April 29, 2008 

Big Al doesn't help the Sharks

Big Al wasn't much of a good luck charm as the San Jose Sharks lost to the Dallas Stars 5-2.  What's worse is that 4 of the Star's goals were scored in the last period.  Loren took me out to the game.  We had some drinks before and after at the Hotel De Anza.  If anybody is in the Hotel De Anza area, you have to check out one of the waitress:  MasaQ.  It's work safe.  Hot!

(Loren and Big Al at the Tank.  It was loud!)

Sunday, April 27, 2008 

Big Al's first Giant's game of the year

So E-money invited Big Al, VJ and his fiance to the Giant's game this weekend. Great performance by the Gyros and Jonathan "Dirty" Sanchez. 3-1 win. So as it stands, I'm 1-0 this year. World Series here we come!

(E-money, VJ and Big Al. Photo taken by Eric's fiance, but now know on the House as Tad-Dawg.)

The Funday Friday started out with the booze train from Mountain View to SF. We did jaegerbombs with Matty and Lo. It ended with a SCU reunion (of sort) with fellow Broncos: Chris (not a Bronco), Lily (c/o 02) and Martin (c/o 02). Hope to run into these guys again. Go Giants! Go Broncos! Go Sharks!

(Chris, Lily & Martin - the newest members of the Big Al entourage.)

Friday, April 25, 2008 

Big Al is going to be a guest blogger at lovesthreadless.com

Lately I've been on this t-shirt binge, and I have somewhat made it my official 2008 hobby. In doing so, I've wrapped myself up in understanding the whole business from hobbyists on the web to design to manufacturing and now blogging. Starting next week, I'm going to lend my blogging services to Threadless' number 1 independent blog: www.lovesthreadless.com. Threadless is a Chicago-based company that has been around for several years. It's run by a few 20-something kids that rode with an idea and made it a multi-million dollar a year industry. I've spoken with a few of their guys there and it's a great story that was based on passion for the idea and a lot of luck. So come on by and leave some comments (good ones please, but if you have to leave bad ones, make sure they're controversial). Thanks!

Thursday, April 24, 2008 

Big Al wants Mom and Dad to stop visiting the BigAlsHouse.com

It was cool when I was traveling, so you can see my pictures in real time, but now I'm not.  You may want to stop visiting the BigAlsHouse.com now.  I see you checking in every few days.  I may be turning up the intensity in the next few weeks.  (Hint:  I don't have a girlfriend anymore.)  I'll work on creating the PG rated version for you.

Love you!

(Big Al's Dad & Mom)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008 

Big Al is on the Shark's bandwagon

With yesterday's big win for the San Jose Sharks, Big Al is officially on the Shark's bandwagon.  I'm off to Game 2 on Sunday to attend my first ever Shark's playoff game with my SCU pal Loren.  Go Sharkies!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008 

Big Al wishes you a Happy Earth Day!

I'm not into Earth Day celebrations. Unfortunately, I did not take public transportation, but I really wanted to make myself carbon neutral. Carbon neutral seems to be the thing to do nowadays. In my task of staying carbon neutral I bought my lunch on a plate and not plastic or paper. I also reused my plastic cup to drink water instead of grabbing a Kirkland bottle that would be thrown away. I also decided not to use the treadmill. I ran on the street.

Happy Earth Day. Happy belated 4-20!


Big Al's weekend recap

I mostly did a high school weekend during this past one.  VJ, E-money and Joe Jeezy hung out with Big Al on Friday night with special guest star Jackay.  Jackay was a fellow SP-SVer.  I coincidentally ran into her with Lt. CVill about a month ago.  Jackay was tending to her followers at Taste, San Jose.  We were fortunate to be in her presence on Friday.  She treated us to many drinks.  Unfortunately, Jackay is camera shy so I don't have any pictures of her.  I'll get a copy of her senior year yearbook picture.  For those with good imaginations, think of a short chinese chick with C-cups.  Yeah baby!

(Irmo and Irmo's chick.  Sorry I forgot her name, but she know's a lot about MMA.  Good job Irmo.)

Saturday night was a night that started out with a little MMA action at Fremont's City Beach for some UFC.  It was a giant clusterf*ck there.  The place was crowded.  The television signal sucked (it was black and white during the first fight).  Never again will I go to a public pay per view function.  I'm going to suck it up and pay the $50 so I can sit at home, drink and eat out of my fridge and take a shizzle without having to stand in line between fights.  So right now, the next UFC is at my place.

(The old Joe Jeezy was back... at least for 1 weekend.  I miss the old Joe Jeezy.)

The night cap ended with a celebration of National Frog Month at the VJ mansion in San Francisco.  I learned many things such as Kermit is not a real frog and they don't have ready-made National Frog Month "Did you know" signs already preformatted for printing.  E-money decided to bow out of this one, but Joe Jeezy and Irmo and Irmo's chick was there along with all of these other people.

(Maximilian the stud and Hua chillin' discussing Snoop Froggy Frog.)

The night ended nontraditionally given that I was doing taxi cab duties for one of the residents of the VJ mansion.  I was taking back one of the party goers to Mountain View.  She wasn't aware of my "clothing not allowed" while riding in Kaylani, my truck.  She didn't care much for the rule and I was happy to bend the rules without a challenge.  J/k

Big Al's mood is shock and betrayal and sadness.

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Friday, April 18, 2008 

Big Al celebrates National Frog Month

Big Al has a busy weekend. If anybody is interested is joining the Big Al entourage this weekend, give me a shout.

Friday: Hanging out with the old school at Taste, San Jose. Jackie has asked all to come on down to hang out with here there.

Saturday: Hopkins fight on HBO then maybe UFC in at City Beach Fremont with Stef and then celebrating National Frog month at the VJ Mansion San Francisco.

Sunday: Chill out, but get some dudes from Home Depot to help me move stuff and maybe paint a wall.

Come follow the Big Al Nation this weekend.

Monday, April 14, 2008 

Big Al's 300th post celebration with a Big Al's party announcement!

Almost 4 years later and Big Al has posted his 300th post.  In celebration of the year-long 30th birthday, Big Al has decided to throw a 29 and 1/2 birthday party.  The following information is still tentative pending permission from my Mom and Dad, San Jose PD, the Easter Bunny, etc.

What:  Big Al's 29 and 1/2 birthday celebration with Crazy T Shirt fun
When:  Saturday, May 31 about 6ish
Where:  Big Al's House (if you don't know, then you ain't invited)

I polled a few people and they suggested to go with a theme.  Why a theme?  It gives people a suggested dress attire and gives people something to talk about so we all don't sit around like 5th graders mingling within our clicks.  It also gives my guy friends an opening line to talk with the girls.  This party's theme will be CRAZY AND FUNNY T SHIRT PARTY.  Be creative.  Push it to the limits.  Nudity is encouraged.  Bottoms are optional.

An official Evite will come.  Start planning around the date.  Hope to see you all there!

Thursday, April 10, 2008 

Big Al jumps off the GSW bandwagon

Okay...  I'm off the bandwagon now.  =)


Big Al goes to the Warrior's game tonight

If anybody is going to the Warrior's game tonight vs. Denver, let me know.  I'll be there.  I'll be the one in the yellow shirt.

I am officially jumping on the Warrior's bandwagon for 2008.