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Sunday, March 09, 2008 

Big Al's Mailbag - March 2008

So it's been awhile since Big Al has reached into his mailbag from his fans, so I'm going to make some time today to answer some of these burning questions:
1. Yo Big Al! What's up with Daylight Savings Time. I feel like I got cheated out of an hour this weekend. What's the deal? - Konfused in Kalifornia
Hello Konfused, it is true that we lost an hour this weekend for people who live in the US except for Arizona and Hawaii, who for once got it right. You can blame Ben Franklin and in protest keep all of your clocks the same until October.

2. Yo Big Al! What happened to your Supra? What's the deal? - Gold Digger
Hey Gold - Leila, my Supra, is resting in the garage. She misses you all (except Frenchy). Come over and rub yourself against her and say hi! Kaylani, my truck, is the daily driver.

3. Yo Big Al! There are rumors about this room in your parent's house that is filled with magical treasures of toys of yesteryear that are still in their original boxes. Is it true? You should sell them all and retire. What's the deal? - Ebay Hunter
Hey Ebay, Woah! It may be true. We'll see what we can do about exposing this well guarded secret. Stay tuned!

4. Yo Big Al! I have about a month until my taxes are due and I have no clue how to do all of this. I heard there are a lot of shortcuts. What's the deal? - Irwin R. Shady
Hello Irwin, it is true that you can cheat on your income taxes. However, the BigAlsHouse.com doesn't recommend it because you may go to jail. You can do some fibbing. I'm not a CPA, but some things that you can deduct...
Remember the hooker? It's a medical message therapist. Use your flexible spending account on it for 2008.
All of your porno magazines? It's educational material that will further your new career in photography.
That yearly to Thailand to check out the girly-boys? It was a for a job interview. Better luck next year!

That's it from the mailbag!