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Sunday, March 02, 2008 

Big Al goes to Sina's bachelor party

So Big Al took his yearly bachelor party excursion this year to Seattle, WA. The gathering consisted of mostly SCU folks from as far away as Hawaii. Groomsman Benny took it upon himself to set the whole shindig by renting a bungelow for Sina and his 11 friends. The house was pretty cool. It had a basement with a huge plasma TV and surround sound, a large main living room for additional entertainment, deck to BBQ and master bedroom with a tantra closet for those that want to get a little kinky.

(Big Al getting a little piece of Dick.)

I got in late Friday night, so it was a trip get some Dick's (huh?) and several hours of catch up with a few folks that I haven't seen in years like BPC and D-locke. Saturday's festivities started off with 4 hours of paintball. I'm getting up there in age, so running around for 4 hours in the muddy conditions was a huge task. At one point, I just gave up after getting hit five times in point-blank range while trying to protec my flag. I threw my gun to the ground and just walked out of the game. Q and Mini-Ben just ganged up on me and started to pelt me with paintballs and all I could do was curl up into a little ball.
(The Saturday Night Book Club: Mayor Cary, Judge BPC, Daniel Bonaparte, Big Al, D-Locke, Not-gay-no-more Sina, Chemical Ali, P-Mock, LA Ben, Metro Ito, Mini-Ben and Q)

After paintball, it back to the bungalow for a little BBQ action. Ben put together a feast of kalbi short ribs, tri tip, tofu, salad and other good shizzle to feed the soldiers for the long night ahead.

After much debate, we decided to stay in for the traditional bachelor party Saturday night book club meeting. The book club meeting got off to a slow start since two of the members were almost 1.5 hours late. However, once the meeting took place we all became pretty excited for the discussion of Patriot Games and The History of Armenia. Unfortunately, you have to be a member of the book club in order to find out about our discussion. What happens in the book club, stays in the book club. Oh yeah... congrats to Harry Richard for becoming the newest member of the book club on Saturday night. You will be remembered for years to come!

(No strippers at this bachelor party. Just some books.)

Sunday was pack up and clean up day. Kudos to Ben for putting the party together, especially with less than a month's notice. This one is going to be hard to beat. Good luck to the bachelor Sina. Looks like it's V-towne Ken's bachelor party on deck.