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Friday, March 14, 2008 

Big Al goes on a hunger strike!

Okay... so I probably will never ever go on a hunger strike. There's just something about the circle of life - sleeping, eating, sh!tt!ng that makes me want to live each and every day. However, there are some people that don't mind taking one of these to the extreme. Let's take a look at Ly Tong, 63, from San Jose.

(Big Al consider throwing spring rolls and pho at the guy on hunger strike to see what his reaction would be.)

There's been a recent controversy in San Jose, CA where a group of Vietnamese-Americans have been pushing hard for a new district to be called "Little Saigon" instead of the city-approved "Vietnam Business District". Big Al's city hall insiders have indicated that officials from the Vietnam have padded the pockets of the Madison Nguyen, the city councilwoman to keep the name "Vietnam Business District". The logic is that the iron fist of the communist motherland wants to shroud any evidence of democracy, hence the lack of the "Saigon" reference.

Ly Tong camped outside San Jose City Hall and has not eaten since February 15. Not eating for 4 hours makes me hurt. I can't even think about going 4 weeks without eating. The guy was prepared to die for a name. That's love for a country. I did consider camping outside of certain stores in Vallejo, stage a hunger strike and protest their names. Little P.I. Market instead of Asian Market or Little Manila Store instead of Oriental Store, but without the whole communist regime there isn't a strong desire. It also would kill me to stage a hunger strike in front of a place that made fried tilapia and lumpia.

In other news... this lady took another part of the circle of life to the extreme. Have a good weekend!