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Tuesday, February 19, 2008 

Big Al's thoughts on the steriod madness

Not a week goes by where I don't find myself in a discussion regarding steroids and performance enhancing methods. I am not opposed to the use of steroids. Whatever you do to your body is up to you. If I was given the gift of speed, the ability to hit a fastball or the endurance to ride a bike through the Alps, and I knew there was a large prize at the end then by all means I would do anything and everything to get that prize especially since my co-workers would take the same attitude. The same rules apply in everyday life: I want the good grade therefore I study. I want the promotion therefore I work my butt off. I want the girl therefore I bring the A-game.

(Big Al did it on protein and Eph.)

With that said, I have taken my fair share of performance enhancing supplements. I have never taken any non-prescribed drugs that are steroids. (I do take a nasal spray that is steroid, but that doesn't really count unless I'm in a smell-a-thon). Some people forget that prior to 2003 I weighed close to 300 pounds. I did the exercising and dieting, but I feel that taking my daily ephedra tablets helped me out tremendously. I have also gone on cycles of andro and creatine for lifting weights. All of these supplements are banned in the major sports (with the exception of creatine). There wasn't a million dollar contract at the end of the tunnel, but there was the satisfaction of living a healthier life. If it required cheating a little bit, so be it.

(Bonds did it with some cream and clear.)

You take another form of entertainment like music and tell me that they are all clean. They used drugs to make them the artists and entertainers they are. Imagine Bob Marley without the weed or Jimi Hendrix without the acid. You'd get mediocrity.
(Lance pumped a little oxygen into his blood.)

In the defense of people like Barry Bonds, Marion Jones or Lance Armstrong. They did what they did. Their competition did it. In order to stay competitive and be the entertainers that they are, then so be it. I enjoyed seeing Bonds crush 73 home runs. It was fun to see Marion Jones take home 5 medals in Sydney. It was patriotic to know that Lance showed the French who their daddy is.

(Was Peter on the juice? Or was it all no-handed pushups?)