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Sunday, February 03, 2008 

Big Al's goes to the party... the engagement party?

So Big Al made it out to Fairfield to party with a few old high school mates to celebrate Ken and Es' engagement. There's always a first time for everything, and this happened to be my first engagement party. I'm not quite too sure what an engagement party is. Nobody got engaged - the happy couple have been ringed since last August. So it wasn't like a big surprise where we all jump out and tell Es that she's engaged. Kind of messed up my expectations. Weird.

(Big Al, Es and Officer Ken hanging out.)

For those that have locked down with this whole marriage thing, please explain to me what an engagement party is. Is it really the first of many parties leading up to the big occasion? Or is it one of those Hallmark parties? There weren't any strippers, so it's not as cool as the bachelor party. There weren't any drunk bridesmaids, so it ain't the wedding party. I'm was kinda' hoping for a little craziness, but I was sadly disappointed that the exposed skin was kept to a minimum. I'm starting to think that the engagement party is all about a celebration of the engaged couple. Weirder!

(Eric, new dad Curt, Chris, Big Al and Kenny - SPSV 97!!!)

Additionally, can you please tell me what the etiquette is in regards to gifts. The wedding probably is not until 2009, so I didn't give a wedding gift. I did see that some folks did bring wedding-type gifts. I brought a bottle wine. Was that enough?

Anyways.... congrats Ken and Es. You lead off my wedding 2009 season. Marc and Aimee you lead off wedding 2008 next week!