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Thursday, February 28, 2008 

Big Al sees you

So I've been looking at my website visitor statistics over the last few days, and I've noticed a few cool things. Beyond my regular visitors such as Mike in South San Francisco, Joe in Concord, Pike in Canada and Steve-o in Kuwait, I've noticed a huge increase in traffic from overseas. On a normal day, I'll have about 15 unique visitors to my site. Last Wednesday I had about 3 x's that. The new users came from Russia, Switzerland, Holland, Australia, Greece and other places. I'm thinking somebody linked my webpage to their site or maybe Google crawled through it. Who knows?

(The Big Al Mafia from this week - which one is you?)

I do also get a about 5 people that visit me on a regular basis who I have no clue who you are. The most frequent visitor is somewhere in San Jose and it's not me. I do have other people from Phoenix (not Frenchy), Dallas and New York. All of these mystery guests visit me at least once per week. I do encourage you to leave a comment and become part of the BigAlsHouse'com community.

I may start to put some advertising banners on here and if I can maintain the explosive growth that I've had on Wednesday, I may be able to afford a McDonald's Happy Meal by the end of the year.

I'm always in the know with your site!!! Thanks for the Yeah Area update & shout out bro. I'll see you at the end of May!

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