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Sunday, February 10, 2008 

Big Al kicks off wedding season 2008 with Marc & Aimee

Wedding season 2008 got off to a late start this year at Marc & Aimee's wedding. I thought the wedding was at 2:30pm on Saturday. It turned out that the starting time was 2pm. Oh well... Filipino time.
(Aimee, Marc & Big Al... I think we're happy.)
(Clockwise: Big Al, John Paul, Frank & Nolan. Just talking shop.)

I was happy to check out the old grade school and high school folks. It nice to know that they're doing well. I learned Michelle is pregnant. Frank, Nolan and John Paul are World of Warcraft professionals and Chris V. is still horny.

(Big Al and Yvonne. Big Al is trying a new pose for 2008.)

Marc was one of my closest friends growing up. We slowly grew apart, but I'm sure everybody has a similar story. I'm happy that he found a cool wife in Aimee. Good luck guys! Lots of children. Name one Big Al!

(Chris and Jenny. Chris was undressing everybody with his eyes that night.)

Jackie & Paolo you're on the clock!