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Monday, February 18, 2008 

Big Al History - where did the point come from?

February is starting to become Big Al History Month. I've had a lot of positive response on last week's post of where the name Big Al came from, so I decided to run with it and explain a little bit more of Big Al's history. One of the common questions is where my signature "point" came from. It's something that actually evolved throughout the course of my blog writing. The inspiration of using a signature picture pose was from my Torino friend Pike back in February 2006.

(The inspiration of the point - Turino, Italy 2006)

Pike introduced me to this concept of getting a bunch of random people to do something completly pointless, so I ran with it. Pike managed to get people to do a V shape with your thumb and index finger held below your chin. I couldn't copy him, but it definitely got me thinking. I've done a few poses in the past. Some were better than others, but nothing really stuck.

(The facial reaction and hand sign was a little too overpowering.)

(The peace sign was played out.)

I wanted something simple yet effective. One picture did stick out from a certain award ceremony held in Las Vegas every January. I happened be next to a person who I asked to take a picture with and the rest was history.

(The first appearance of the point - January 2006 in Las Vegas)

It didn't take much coersion to to get other people to follow along. It became a trendy thing to do. People that knew me or knew of me asked to take a picture with the point.

(Big Al isn't even required. People just do it. Costa Rica 2007)

(This is what happens to people that don't point correctly.)

Just for your information, the proper way to do the signature point is:
1. stand side ways
2. raise both hands up
3. extend the arm that is on the same side of the lead leg
4. hold your other arm up next to your chest
5. with both hands point with your index fingers out, but remember to keep your thumbs down. It's not a gun.
6. open your mouth

boo! february 10th u said u were going to have a new pose for '08. boo! lies. boo! big al can't keep his word. boo!


I said I was "trying" a new pose. I was only "trying" it that time and not for any official use. The point is forever going to be the signature move of Big Al.

Big Al

what a shame! this site is a sham!


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