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Thursday, February 21, 2008 

Big Al History - Sleep Paralysis

People tend to stray from discussing their medical conditions. I guess that's a problem if you're Frenchy and you need to take the magic blue pill or if you're Q and you need to take testosterone pills. Unfortunately, for my case there is no magic pill. One of the problems that I have from time to time is sleep paralysis. You can get the technical explanation from Wikipedia.

(Time to check out what's going on in Big Al' head.)

It usually occurs when I'm sleeping on my back. What happens is that I wake up from my dream and become fully conscious of my surroundings. I can open my eyes, but I can't move nor can I speak. I'm probably in this state for less than 5 seconds, but it's a very scary 5 seconds. Some people that have this condition tend to experience alien abductions. To get out of the state of paralysis I consciously try to move my finger or try to make a noise. Often times the paralysis comes in streaks where I may go through this process a few times per night - go to sleep, experience sleep paralysis, wake up, go back to sleep, experience sleep paralysis again, etc.

These symptoms occur probably once a month. For as long as I can remember I have always had these episodes. To prevent it from happening, I try to sleep on my side. If I find myself on my back I immediately shift my body.

I've mentioned this phenomenon to a few of my friends. Only one time have I encountered somebody that experiences the sleep paralysis episode. Their case was very extreme where they had to visit a sleep doctor. Crazy eh? Be lucky you don't have to deal with this.

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