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Thursday, February 07, 2008 

Big Al gets duuurrty

So my vacuum, da' Bissell, died a few weeks ago. He lasted me about 4 years. Over the last 48 months, I thought it a pretty good job. You run it over the carpet, see dirt fill in the chamber and you assume that it's doing its job. Every once in awhile you treat it to a sprinkle of CarpetFresh. I thought it was doing a great job... at least I thought it was.

(Mr. Bissell R.I.P. 2004-2008)

I was taking my Christmas tree out of my living room and because I didn't water it at all the pine needles just fell off while I was carrying through my house. It left a huge mess. The needles were everywhere - window sill, stairway, between couch cushion, etc. I thought it was no big deal. I knew my Bissell could do the job. My Bissell has no chance against the pine needles. The motor was smoking in less than a minute. So out I go to get a new carpet cleaner.

(The newest member of the Big Al family - da' Dyson)

I went with the Dyson Animal DC 14. I was skeptical at first. The vacuum was expensive. I thought I was a victim of good marketing by the Dyson folks. So I unpack and take it out, and not only does it get all pine needles it apparently found some dirt and dust that I didn't know existed. The lies that da' Bissell was telling me over the last 4 years came out that out.

(GRAPHIC CONTENT: 4 years of lies from da' Bissell)

Before removing my Christmas tree, I ran da' Bissell on a regular basis, so I thought the carpet was really clean. It wasn't until I went with the Dyson on that first evening that I realized how bad da' Bissell was. It was painful to see the truth.

haha...dude got a purple vacuum!

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