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Monday, February 11, 2008 

Big Al History - explain the name

So many people have wondered where the name "Big Al" came from. Legend has it that Big Al was at a college party where everybody was drunk, his pants came off and the rest was history. Contrary to popular belief, that was not the case. It took a life of its own in college, but the true history of "Big Al" came up in the spring of 1989.

(No future MLB'ers here. Just the beginning of Big Al.)

1989, oh what year. We were blessed with the first coming of George Bush. The Giants were in the World Series, the 49ers just won a Super Bowl and we all were blessed with "Big Al". Big Al started his 3rd year of Little League - majors division for a team named after Vallejo Nissan. I was one of the younger kids on the team and probably wasn't ready for the majors yet, but I had my bench role. (Little League also required me to play at least 3 innings and have 1 at bat, so I played).

Coach had a habit of giving nicknames. We had Raw Scotty, Scooter and Mo to name a few. I didn't have that much skill back then, but I did have size so Big Al was born. I had no problem with the name. It was a lot better than being called "Fatso". I did have my moments with the team. There were some kids that I could hit off of, but then there were kids that I couldn't touch with a 10 foot pole. I did have one thing that that coach could count on me for - on base percentage through hit by pitch. This meant that everytime that I went to bat, I had a high probability of getting on base because I stood 2 inches from the plate and would get hit. I took one for the team - literally.

Team Nissan did well the 2 years I played. We missed the playoffs by one game each year, and it was because we lost the last game of the season both times. I then knew how the Buffalo Bills felt.

thanks for the history lesson big al.

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