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Monday, December 17, 2007 

Big Al has been busy

So I've neglected to write here. Sue me!

Let's see what happened in the last month:
I found toilet paper in my garage. I guess I stole it from my folk's house sometime in October.
I celebrated Thanksgiving.
I lost the Turkey bowl game for the first time ever 10-7.
I cut down a Christmas Tree in the Santa Cruz mountains.
I went to a Santa Clara U. holiday party. I got a Wii game.
I've been busy with "stuff"

Here's a picture from November's Turkey Bowl game:
(Back row: Bubba, VJ, Big Al, Marc, Irman, Ken, Les, Chis
Front row: Eric & Chris)

I share most of the blame for the loss. It may have been the fact that we had to change locations to Springstown Middle School when Wardlaw Elementary was gated off.

I threw some costly interceptions and Chris swatted the ball out of my hands at the goal line. Oh well. My streak of 4 Turkey Bowl games in a row is snapped. It happens.