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Friday, October 12, 2007 

Big Al runs into old friends in weird places

First off, thanks to everybody for all the birthday wishes, cookies, cupcakes, blog comments, phone calls, IM's, MySpace messages and text messages. The big 30th year celebration has kicked off, and I'm looking forward to the next 12 months of fun.

(Natalie and Derrick former SP-SV Bruins)

It's funny to realize how much of your past makes you who you are today, yet your past is forgotten. Not only did I have the opportunity to see many of my old friends at my high school reunion, I recently had the chance to see other old friends. Last night, I ran into Natalie, my friend since the 3rd grade. She's married to my Little League friend Allan, who play in a band called The Mango Kings. I was passing by the Hukilau in Palo Alto and saw a girl through a window that I recognized. She recognized me too and met me outside so we can catch up. A couple of things came up in the coversation:
1. Natalie has 2 brother who are twins - Danny & David. I ran into those guys last year in San Francisco and we had a small chat. The next thing I knew, they had a bunch of girls around them, and they didn't even bother to share. In my next life, I'm coming back as a twin.
2. Natalie was really good in doing the Spanish for Senora Stiltz, so I just road her coattails. To this day I can't speak a word of Spanish as evident in my trip to Esapana. I particularly remembers one project where we had to write an essay in Spanish. I couldn't provide much help except for my handy Spanish translator and my typing skills. Luckily, she didn't mind that I put my name on the essay when we turned it in.

A couple of months ago I ran into my old neighbors - Rob & Ron. They live in the house that was mentioned under my arson posting a few weeks ago. I ran into them at a Giant's game. They were there with all the other SP-SV people like Vince, Brady, Jay and Seraphin. Cool bunch of guys that made a lot of noise at the game.

I'm sure as I get older, more "war stories" like this will come up. To all my other old friends, if you see me around, and you think it's me... it's probably me. I don't think I have any enemies, so come up and say hi!

28 years young (as of 10/2)

i guess we have to wait for bigalshouse.com version 3.0 for that to update w/ each passing year.


Did you really go to Esapana or did you go to EspaƱa?

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