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Wednesday, October 31, 2007 

Big Al gets shaken up

I thought I was experiencing the end of the world for 30 seconds at 8:04pm last night. I was napping after a long marathon of Zelda on my Nintendo DS and I was all of sudden woken up to the shaking of a 5.6 earthquake. I really thought my house was being uprooted by some paranormal spirit. It freaked me out. Although it's hard to remember those intense 30 seconds, I think I was screaming like a little girl.

I still remember the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. Granted I was in Vallejo at the time, approximately 100 miles away from the epicenter then, it felt like a good shake. Last night when I was 8 miles away from the epicenter, it felt like this was the end. It easily was the largest earthquake that I felt. Luckily, the damage to my place was minimal - books fell off my piano, shelves opened up and stuff toppled over.

To all of my online guests that are in the area - I hope everything is well. To everybody else, you missed a hell of a show.

Ditto here man. I think the only thing I said the whole time my apartment was shaking was "Oh shit. Oh shit." The only thing I remembered to do was stand under a doorway, but I couldn't remember if it mattered whether or not it was one of the indoor ones or the front door.

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