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Tuesday, October 23, 2007 

Big Al gets no love from Gmail

My apologies as I have been sick lately. I had the flu for 3 days last week, and I'm slowly recovering.
Anyways, I had the opportunity to speak with an early employee of Google who was one of the Godfathers of Gmail - the email application that we've all grown to love. He's probably one of the richest guys I have ever met. His net worth is easily into the hundreds of millions. He's starting a new company that is similar to a feature on Facebook where it updates you on what your friend is doing like "Big Al is blogging", "Big Al is reading 4nyay.com", or "Big Al is messing around with your sister". It's like Twitter meets RSS feeds.

So he's starting this company with a few other early Google employees and I walk into his office to just BS with them. The conversation goes something like this:

Big Al: "So I want to check out your new website, can I get on the Beta testing program?"
Rich Dude: "Sure! No problem. What's your email?"
Big Al: "It's xxxx@yahoo.com"
***Rich Dude is bothered***
Rich Dude: "Umm... (sarcastically) we don't give access to people with that email."
***Big Al f'd up now. Time to fix it***
Big Al: "Ooops. I have a Gmail account. I really do. I keep all of my important stuff there. I send all of my Spam to my xxxx@yahoo.com account."
***Big Al is relieved, but Rich Dude is even more bothered***
Rich Dude: "My new website isn't SPAM!"

Another bridge burned!