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Thursday, October 25, 2007 

Big Al congratulates Ted Dawg

Congratumalations to Big Ted Dawg for being #10000. You can find out more about Ted at his blog - www.ilikegayporn24x7.com. Not that I have anything against that stuff.

Expect your gift between now and guest #20000. A couple of quesitons:
1. What's the "love stor" tab on your browser? Care to explain?
2. What's "Get Fuzzy" in your bookmarks? Is that another male on male porno site? Once again, it's cool if you like that stuff.

an article on "love story" videos, a hip upgrade for wedding couples coming to me for wedding videos.

and you don't know "Get Fuzzy"???? Great comic.... or something about my codpiece collection.

Stop promoting my website everywhere. I can't take any more sexy mens hitting on me, I'm running out of holes.

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